Dinh Van

Dinh Van

The Dinh Van brand has been created in 1965 by a Vietnamese-Breton, Jean Dinh Van.

He wishes to make of his jewels works of art accessible to everyone, and for all the occasions. His first achievement is drawn by Pierre cardin. It is a square ring adorned with two pearls. This jewel is until now the cult product of the brand and has even been exposed at the Museum of Decorative Arts of Paris.

For Jean Dinh Van luxury is not a privilege reserved for the well-off people: the theme of all his creations is this vision of the jewelry. Evidence of it: in 1969, Dinh Van has the idea to sell the products of his brand in the Drugstores Publicis where luxury accessible to all is sold. His first own-name boutique – Jean- is created in 1976 in the second arrondissement of Paris, 7 rue de la Paix, an area known by the artists.

In 1980, the 9 carats gold is finally authorised for import. Jean Dinh Van creates from this precious metal the famous Chinese pendant « Pi », a unique handmade piece.

Exceptional jeweler, the Dinh Van creations are once more exposed at the Museum of Decorative Arts in 2003. One can find there the emblematic products of the brand such as the bracelet on string as well as the paved ring. This consecration allows to the brand to gain more awareness. Furthermore, his cooperation with Milan Vykmirovic, one of the creators of Colette, increases even more the success of his jewels with the general public. From this cooperation three collections are born: « White & Black », « Onyx » and « White Agate ».

Currently, the brand is sold worldwide and the most important stars are fighting over his creations. Because he is accessible to a large public, Dinh Van is probably the jeweler who has revolutionized the world of the jewelry and of the precious gems.



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