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The Mikael Dan company undertakes to ensure that the collection and processing of your data, made from the site are in line with the Information Technology and Liberties law of January 6, 1978 mofified and to the European regulation 2016/679 of April 27, 2016 relating to the protection of the personal data. Table of contents 1.Why does Mikael Dan collect your data Your data are subject to computer treatments, done on the basis of your consent, from the site. These processes implemented by Mikael Dan allow: -  to use the services proposed by Mikael Dan;
-  to manage your client’s account;
-  to process your order (management of the order, delivery, invoice);
-  to send you promotional offers which can be personalized
- to send you commercial prospection (via the newsletters);
-  to make statistics, measures of audience and of efficiency of the advertising campaigns;
2. At what moment does Mikael Dan collect your data
A. The collection of your data in done in the following way: - When you create a client account;
- When you place an order on the site for the management of your order, the    delivery, the invoice;
- When you put products in the wish list or in your basket (via functional cookies, see the paragraph « Cookies ») in order to allow you to finalize your purchase later;
- When you sign up on the Mikael Dan newsletter;
- When you contact the Mikael Dan Client’s service by any means of your choice;
- When you share an article or opinion on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest…
The fields marked by an asterisk on the forms of data collection are mandatory. Mikael Dan cannot process your requests if these fields are not completed because some parts of the Mikael Dan site cannot be functional without the acceptance of cookies and it is not possible to oppose their use because the site would not be functional. B. the collection of your phone number is done as follows: - In the case of payment in several instalments. The phone number is not used by Mikael Dan but by the credit agencies;
- upon the creation of the form. The phone is only used in case of need for the processing of the order and its follow-up.
3. What are the data that we collect?
We collect the following data: -  For the processing of your orders and the follow-up of our commercial relationship: civility, name, surname, postal details, phone number, e-mail address, date of birth, country.
- To receive the Mikael Dan newsletters: your name, surname, civility, E-mail address ;
4. For whom are intended the data that we collect
Only certain persons of the Mikael Dan services have access to your data, within the limit of their respective attributions, as well as the service providers which may have to process your data like for the needs of payment. It is the case of Cetelem or of our bank partner Elysnet. Your bank details are processed for Mikael Dan according to a standard of national security whose objectives are to ensure the confidentiality and the integrity of the cardholders and thus to secure the protection of the card and transaction data   5. For how long do we keep these data These data have no time limit when its concerns client’s accounts aiming to avoid to have to recreate an account for each connection. We make sure to keep your personal data during a period which does not exceed the time necessary for the different processes exposed in the present document and in accordance with what is required by the applicable law. Your data are kept for 12 months from the collection, or the last contact, or the end of the commercial relationship. At the end of this period, we may contact you again in order to know if you wish to continue to receive our commercial offers and in the absence of a positive answer from your part, the data concerning you will be deleted. The data allowing to establish the proof of a right or of a contract, or kept for the respect of a legal obligation, are archived in accordance with the applicable laws.   6. Where are your data stored The data are stored in a database MySQL hosted at Infomaniak SA: https/   7. How do we protect your data We are taking all the precautions possible to preserve the safety and the confidentiality of your data, in order, in particular, to prevent non-authorized third parties to have access to them or be revealed or yet distorted or damaged.   8. What are your rights regarding the Information Technology and Liberties law and the General Regulation on the data protection 2016/79. According to the French and European regulation relating to the protection of personal data, you benfit from a right of access, of consultation, of opposition, and of suppression of the personal data concerning you. You can exercise your rights vis-à-vis Mikael Dan by E-mail at the address or by regular mail sent to Mikael Dan, 20 rue de Miromesnil, 75008 Paris. You also have the right to define general or particular directives relating to the fate of your personal data after your death. Only the particular data relating to the processing of personal data implemented by Mikael Dan will be registered and subject to your consent.   9. What are the cookies used for on The cookies are used for statistics and display purposes. They are used for several tasks, to make statistics with for example the use of Google Analytics, for the browsing (data, basket, filters, etc.) We use several categories of cookies determined below in order to make the information as clear as possible. Technical cookies: these cookies allow you to move on the internet site and to use its functionalities. Functional cookies: these cookies allow us to memorize your preferences on the site. It may be to memorize your basket/wish list or to register your connection information to remain connected during your next visit. Their aim is to improve the site operation. Cookies of measure of audience: these cookies allow us to analyze your navigation and to measure the audience of our site. Advertising cookies: these cookies allows us as well as our partners to analyze your interests to propose to you personalized ads, to analyze your navigation on our web site. Based on these elements, we are able to approach you with personalized ads. Cookies of social networks: these cookies allow us to share contents of our site with other persons, or to make the other persons know your consultation or your opinion.   10. What is a cookie A cookie is an information, (small files, texts) stored on the hard disk of an internet user by the website server that he consults, in order to register technical data of his navigation. It contains several data: the name of the server which stored it, a user name in the form of a unique number, possibly an expiry date. This information is sometimes stored in the computer in a simple text file to which a sever accedes to read and register information. They can be collected via cookies or other similar devices, such as « pixel tags », or during your use of our applications, Android user names or IDFAs. For the needs of this policy, all these devices will be called « cookies ». You are free to choose when you connect for the first time, if you wish that cookies are stored on your hard disk.   11. How to disable cookies You have the possibility to disable the cookies on your browser. Most of the browsers accept automatically the installation of cookies except if you have modified the parameters. By continuing your visit on our site, you accept that the cookies are installed in accordance with our cookies policy. In the case that you do not wish us to install the cookies on your computer, you can disable the installation of cookies in your browser. Some cookies that we are called to install on your computer are essential for the proper functioning of our website, this is why it is important that you note that your refusal of the installation of cookies coming from Mikael Dan will lead to difficulties perhaps the impossibility to browse on our Internet site. You will find all the information to disable the cookies on each of the following browsers: Google Chrome: Internet explorer : enable-or-enable-cookies MozillaFirefox : Safari: http:/ fr _ FR Opéra: https:/ Dolphin: https:/ change-the-cookie-settings- ?b_id=317 In order to leave the free choice to the user, the client has the alternative to contact us by phone, if he does not wish to communicate his personal data and give his consent for the processing of the relationship which will follow with a commercial representative.   12. Can your data be collected by third parties We may introduce on our site, computer applications coming from third parties, which allow you to share contents of our site with other persons or to let other persons know your consultation or your opinion about a content of our site. It is in particular the case of the buttons « Share », « I like » coming from social networks such as Facebook, « Twitter », Google+, etc. These networks can collect data related to your browsing on our site and associated to the personal data they have. We invite you to consult the policies of privacy protection of these social networks in order to take note of the purposes of use, in particular advertising information of navigation that they may collect thanks to these applicative buttons. These protections policies must in particular allow you to exercise your choices with these social networks, in particular by parameterizing your use accounts of each of these networks. To know the privacy protection policy of the aforementioned social networks, click on the name of the social network of your choice: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Pinterest:   13. The prevention and fight against fraud The data collected are also used within the framework of the prevention and the fight against fraud in particular the credits cards fraud. Mikael Dan reserves the right to check the personal data communicated by the Client when he placed his order and to adopt all the measures judged necessary for the checking of the fact that the person whose bank account is debited is really the one who placed the order to avoid any fraudulent payment. This checking may take the form of a request for credentials/and residence. Failing a negative answer from the client, Mikael Dan reserves the right to cancel the order placed by the client.



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