OMEGA is a Swiss watchmaking company established in Bienne. It belongs to the Swatch Group. In 1848, Louis Brandt, then 23, opens a watchmaking service at La Chaux-de-Fonds in the canton of Neuchâtel. His watches bear the brand name « Louis Brandt ».

In 1879, the two sons of the founder, Louis-Paul and César Brandt, decide to start an « American style » industrial manufacturing.

In 1894, the company launches the Omega caliber 19 lines, which will give its name to the company. The name is registered on March 10, 1894. This product will be a total success both technical and commercial.

By its age, its lifespan, its visibility (sports timekeeping), space conquest) and its size, Omega is one of the flagships of the Swiss watch industry. It has indeed been the pioneer in the industrialization of the production (mechanization, mass production). Besides the excellence of its products, recognized by many international awards, it has also been one of the places of the working-class struggle and of the progressive improvement of the working conditions.

Today, after the torments and the meanderings caused by the invasion of the quartz and of the Japanese productions of the 70s, the brand is again a leading figure of the industry. Omega has developed original technical solutions (co-axial escapement, in-house calibers) and the design has been modernized. Belonging to the Swatch Group, it is now in the « prestige » segment of the market, and some of its productions clearly aim to position themselves in the « luxury » segment. Furthermore, since many years, the company develops a jewelry sector. Faithful to the Bienne region, Omega has however exploited branches or workshops in Cortébert, Geneva, Koniz, Lauzanne, Le Sentier, Les Genevez and Villeret.

The company is active in the sports timing since 1909, the treatment and the display of the data. It has carried out this task the first time at the summer Olympic Games of 1932 in Los Angeles and, more recently, at the Olympic Games of Turin in 2006, of Beijing in 2008 and of Vancouver in 2010.

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