French jewelry house founded by Joseph Chaumet (Bordeaux, 1852 – Paris, 1928). Son of a navy captain, he began his apprenticeship at 15, at Ferdinand Ducot, a house belonging to the family of his mother. He leaves for Paris and after his marriage with Marie Morel (1875), he joined Morel & Cie, jewelers, 67 rue de Richelieu, the successors of Fossin & Fils, themselves successors of Nitot & Fils, founded in 1870. Taking over the direction of the house in 1889, he opens a branch in London and settles place Vendôme in 1907.

He earns the confidence of a royal and aristocratic clientele thanks, in particular, to his knowledge of the pearls and of the gems.

In 1999, Chaumet becomes part of the luxury group LVMH.



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