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Do I need to make an appointment to sell a good at Mikaël Dan ?

Our house located 20, rue de Miromesnil – 75008 Paris is open for the private individuals from WEDNESDAY to SATURDAY from 11 a.m. to 6.30 p.m., without appointment and continuously.

Why is our house not open on Monday and Tuesday ?

Our experts are on the move on Monday and Tuesday for expertise carried out with professionals.

What are the conditions to sell a good ?

In order to be able to sell a good you must be 18 or more, be the owner of this good and present yourself with a valid ID document.

By whom are the goods assessed ?

The goods are assessed by experts graduates in gemmology. Expert jeweler and watchmaker member of the European Alliance of the experts.

Must I leave my good for the expertise ?

The expertise is immediate and is carried out in the boutique in front of you and very discreetly.

What are the solutions offered to me for the sale of my goods ?

3 options are possible: the immediate purchase (you are paid on the spot), the deposit sale (you are paid once the piece is sold), the exchange (you have a good which interests us, we exchange it with one of the pieces present in our boutique. The payment of the difference, when necessary is done immediately).

How is the payment done ?

The payment is done on the spot by check or bank transfer, the payments in cash being strictly prohibited.

Must I create an account to sell or to put in deposit a good at Mikaël Dan ?

It is not necessary to create an account to sell or put in deposit a good within our house.

Am I guaranteed of the confidentiality of my personal details ?

No information about our clients is revealed except when it is required by judicial or regulatory authorities.

Are the invoices, the cases and the documents of the goods that one wishes to sell compulsory ?

The invoices, the cases and the documents are not compulsory even if they facilitate and accelerate the sales process.

What is the difference between a purchase offer and an assessment ?

An assessment does not commit the expert to buy your jewel, he simply gives you an estimate of what he thinks is the value of your good on the market. A purchase offer commits the expert on the amount that he is ready to offer to you. This is why a purchase offer is often more realistic than a simple estimate.

Is it necessary to be the owner of the goods that one wishes to sell ?

It is in fact necessary to be the owner of the goods that one wishes to sell. The payment will only be done at the name of the ID document of the persons owners and sellers of goods.

May I have an estimate of my goods by phone ?

It is impossible to make an estimate by phone without seeing your goods. Thousands of existing models with sometimes subtle differences may easily lead to important assessment errors. You may however, in order that you do not come for nothing, send us the photo of your goods by mail in order to make sure that your jewels or watches correspond well to our demand.

In the case of a purchase for the gold material, may I recover the stones on my jewels ?

Upon your request, we will give you back on the spot the small stones set on your jewels bought back for the melting.

How may I submit my redemption request for second-hand jewels and watches, ancient or signed ?

It is always better before you come to send us the photo of your goods by mail in order to make sure that these correspond to our demand.

Are Are you buying back costume or silver jewels ?

We do not buy back the costume or silver jewels with the exception of the jewels signed Hermès.

Are you buying back all the types of watches ?

We only buy back the watches of major brands mainly of watchmaker type Rolex, Jaeger Lecoultre, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe. We do not buy back brands like Baume & Mercier, Raymond Weil, Maurice Lacroix, Frédérique Constant, Seiko, Casio… as well as all the fashion designers brands like Gucci, Dolce Gabana, Guess, Emporio Armani etc… We do not take back either the silver pocket watches.


What is the interest to leave my good in deposit sale ?

The deposit sale allows us to offer to you a higher amount than for an outright purchase.

What are the sale solutions proposed by Mikaël Dan?

We propose your goods for the sale in the boutique, on our Internet site, but also through our different shows in Asia and North America. These multiple opportunities allow us to sell your goods within shorter delays, taking advantage of the diversity of the world’s demand.

Are there deposit sale costs to foresee ?

No deposit sale costs will have to be paid if you leave your good with us for a minimum of 4 months. If you decide to recover your goods before 4 months, we will ask you a participation of 100 euros by jewels and 150 euros by watches, in order to cover a small part of our polishing, photos costs etc.

Am I always the owner of my goods when I make a deposit sale ?

You remain the only owner of your goods during all the time of the deposit sale.

Should I ensure my jewel or my watch for a deposit sale ?

Mikaël Dan is responsible for ensuring your goods during all the time when we are the custodians of them. You are thus entirely covered up to the amount stipulated on your deposit agreement.

May I recover my goods at any time ?

You can recover your goods whenever you like upon simple request from your part. There is no minimum time limit, however a flat fee of 100 euros by jewels and 150 euros by watches is to be paid in the case of the recovery of the jewel or of the watch in a delay inferior to 4 months.

When and how am I paid for my deposit sale ?

The payment is done in a delay of 15 days following the payment of the good entrusted to us and sold, by check or bank transfer. The payments in cash being strictly prohibited by the law.

Is there a maximum time limit for the deposit sale ?

There is not any maximum time limit for the deposit. As long as your piece is in our boutique, we do everything we can to sell it for you at the price agreed on your deposit agreement.

Does the purchase price remain fixed whatever is the deposit sale delay ?

The price indicated on the deposit agreement remains fixed. However, if your good remains unsold, after a certain period, we may decide with your agreement to reduce the purchase price to facilitate its sale.

How do I proceed if I wish to recover my good ?

All you have to do is to call us to ask the recovery of your jewel or of your watch and to come to recover it in our Parisian boutique, with your deposit sheet.

Why do I not see yet my deposit on your website ?

Do not forget that we have a common interest, that to sell your good as fast as possible. The availability on line of your good is not done immediately. Your piece goes through our workshop, through the shooting of photos and is then presented in the boutique in order that our clientele is the first to see the novelties. This delay may sometimes seem long for you but be sure that during all that time we are doing all we can to sell your good.



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